A surge of images along the banks of the Big Muddy.


Mini-Flood 29: Anheuser-Busch Brewery


photograph by Anne Warfield

Since 1860, the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Soulard has been a bastion of St. Louis’ business and manufacturing clout. Having previously earned the nickname of “World’s Largest Brewer” the local business was acquired by Belgian-Brazilian giant, InBev, in an aggressive acquisition completed in 2008. Even so, the Brewery continues to be a favorite attraction for residents and visitors alike (an attachment solidified by generations of the Busch family, passionate beer barons and city boosters).


photograph by Jason Gray

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Photo Flood 29: Covenant Blu/Grand Center


photograph by James Palmour

This neighborhood, a transition between St. Louis’ Downtown and the Central West End, is also an important gateway between north St. Louis and south St. Louis. What’s more, it is a transition between a vibrant past and a hopeful future. Covenant Blu/Grand Center was once one of the most important theater districts in the country, and even today, it bills itself as the “cultural soul” of the city (with 12,000 theater seats, 1,500 annual cultural events, 12 museums and galleries, and 1.5 million visitors each year).


photograph by Dan Henrichs Photography, St. Louis

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Photo Flood 28: Carondelet


photograph by Michelle Bates

This exciting neighborhood is one of St. Louis’ most history-laden. Originally a French settlement just seven miles south of St. Louis, Carondelet tied its early growth to the fortunes of the city just north of it, and was eventually swallowed by the larger municipality in 1870. Still, that is not to say that the town did not have a character all its own, which is evident in still surviving structures not seen anywhere else in St. Louis.


photograph by Jason Gray

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Mini-Flood 28: The Darkness


photograph by Jason Gray

Considered among the best haunted house attractions in the country, The Darkness has long been a fan favorite for Halloween revelers in St. Louis. This “three haunted houses all-in-one location” hit has been featured on the Travel Channel, A&E, The History Channel’s Modern Marvels, and in USA Today, Fangoria Magazine and more. In addition, on November 10, 2014, Scarefest (The Darkness’ parent company) announced that they have purchased the building next door, and plan to include a fourth attraction for 2015! PFSTL would love a sneak peek when that happens… just saying.


photograph by Jocelyn Clemens

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Mini-Flood 27: Amanda and John’s Wedding


photograph by Jeni Kulka

It has finally happened, two Photo Flooders have tied the knot, and what better way to celebrate this triumph than by inviting PFSTL to Flood it?! (this might seem inappropriate unless you know our soon-to-be Mrs. Joern)

Though they did not meet in Photo Flood Saint Louis, both John and Amanda have been longtime supporters of the group, and great friends to many members for much longer than that. What’s more, the duo know how to throw a funky bash, and this event was no less. Read along as we wish the happy couple well, show some pics, and experience a PFSTL first!


photograph by Jason Gray

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Mini-Flood 26: The Trestle


photograph by Michelle Williams

St. Louis has joined only two other cities worldwide (New York City and Paris) in converting an abandoned section of elevated railroad viaduct into an urban greenspace. The project is being overseen by the Great Rivers Greenway District, and will connect The Trestle with the larger “River Ring” when complete. The project is also designed to bridge communities bisected by the highway and other factors.


photograph by Laura Hudson

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Photo Flood 27: DeBaliviere Place


photograph by Mandi Gray

A curious neighborhood with examples of some of the largest private homes in the city rubbing elbows with some of the city’s tallest apartment buildings. DeBaliviere Place is an architectural gem for St. Louis, that provides easy accessibility to Forest Park, Washington University, plenty of dining, and good public transportation options. Its western border is even site to a stretch of the controversial, proposed “Loop Trolley”.


photograph by Jason Gray

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